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"Caring Transitions was very professional in handling my mothers estate in Farchance, PA.  I was impressed how they were able to coordinate the sale of items in the house as well as the garage at the opposite end of the property."
-Brian P., Morgantown, WVA

"I am and single mom and my home sold at the worst possible time, the Christmas Holiday and I had to have everything out by December 31st.  My real estate agent referred me to Michael.  When I first talked to him, he indicated that he was booked through the holidays, but would see what he could do.  Michael was able to fit me in by bringing in his full team on New Years eve to move everything out of house.  I am so appreciative of Michael and his team at Caring Transitions of Westmoreland County"

-Mika B., Perryopolis, PA

"Michael was literally a miracle sent by God.  I live out of state.  My mother was in failing health and my brother was disabled and confined to a wheel chair.  I needed to get both of them into appropriate facilities that could care for their needs.  Unfortunately, we needed to sell the house to help offset the cost of the move.  The problem was, my mom was a hoarder and the house was literally packed floor to ceiling with boxes of junk she never go rid of.  Michael and his team not only went through every box before they discarded the garbage she accumulated they recovered many personal items and over $1,500 in coins that where in amongst the 100's of boxes they went through.  He also arranged to have a room full of personal documents shredded.  But the real blessing was this.  When Michael completed the project and subsequent Estate Sale,  he worked with me and allowed me to sell the home before he was paid the outstanding balance I owed him.  If I was unable to do this, I would not have been able to get my family into their new facilities when I needed to.  Michael is a true angel and a man of God.  I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with him"
-Cory K., Charleston, SC

"Michael and his team did an phenomenal job packing and emptying our families duplex to their off-site location.  I live out of state and the home was located in a location, that we were unable to do an on-site sale.  We were looking at just donating everything to charity until be came across Michael and his OFF-SITE Services.  Instead of losing money by hiring someone to haul everything to a donation site, Michael was able to make the family money.  I would highly recommend you consider his services anytime you have items to liquidate"
-Ed B., Des Moines, IA

"When I first heard about your services to help transition my family members from their long time home to an assisted living facility, I was a little leery about having a stranger facilitate the process. However, upon meeting and working with you to layout their new accommodations, my fears were put aside.

Your caring manner and patience with my questions as well as your expert advice made an overwhelming situation doable. The placement of their furniture, making arrangements for a mover and suggestions for how to best dispose of my loved one’s excess, household belongings was invaluable.

Today, my family members are safe and happy in their new home. I can’t thank you enough for your part in making my loved ones’ move truly a Caring Transition."
-Paula D., Ligonier, PA

"After having lost a beloved Aunt who had no remaining children, I was faced with the task of liquidating her estate. I had contacted antique dealers, estate sale companies, as well as an auctioneer, but to no avail. It seemed that they all thought that her estate was too small to be able to conduct a viable sale that would attract enough buyers in order for them to make a profit. One day, as I was searching on the internet for other estate sale companies, through fate or divine intervention (I believe it was divine intervention), I came across Caring Transitions of Westmoreland County. I made one call to the number listed on the web site and a little while later, Michael called me and arranged to meet me at my Aunt’s house. He assured that he would be able to conduct a sale and would be able to liquidate everything in the house, even though it was late fall and the weather was turning colder. Needless to say, Michael, Carol, and their wonderful, caring crew took care of all of my worries and conducted a great sale. They were able to liquidate everything in the house, garage and shed. They even cleaned and prepared the home for the real estate agent. I would highly recommend Caring Transitions of Westmoreland County to anyone who needs to downsize or liquidate an estate. You will find that this is a faith based company who will treat you with dignity and respect and will treat your property as if it were their own. I give many thanks to Michael, Carol and their crew."
-Tom B., Connellsville, PA

"As a Real Estate Professional it is important for me to have people I can trust when I need a home prepared for a listing. Michael & Carol at Caring Transitions of Westmoreland County are two individuals I can trust. Recently I was working for clients that lived out of state and had a home in Belle Vernon they needed to sell. The family was unable to return to Belle Vernon. Therefore, before listing the home, I was in need of someone to work as an advocate on behalf of my clients, to go through the contents of the house and disposition them per my client’s wishes.

With ONE CALL I was able to turn the entire project over to Michael and his team. Caring Transitions of Westmoreland County worked with and stayed in constant contact with my clients as they went through the contents of the home, shed and garage. They inventoried and arranged for personal & valuable items, that were found, to be shipped to the family. They arranged for the donation of items that the family wanted donated. They arranged for the removal of all non-saleable items “junk” and then conducted the most professional estate sale I have ever attended to liquidate the remaining items. In the end, the home, garage, shed and storage area around the shed were completely emptied for me to list the home.

During the process, Michael maintained constant communications with me and kept me up-to-date with everything that was going on. He and his staff maintained the privacy of my client’s absence from the house throughout the process. They conducted themselves in a very professional manner and were respectful of my client’s possessions and property. During the sale they controlled access to and from the home and had more than enough staff on site to secure the property during the sale. In the end, they exceeded my expectations and those of my clients. I will be using Caring Transitions of Westmoreland County for all my clients who need their services."
-Dionne Malush, Owner - Reality One Group

“Caring Transitions of Westmoreland County certainly reduced my anxiety about moving. Michael provided a free consultation and was able to provide us guidance and make referrals have all the stuff we weren't taking with us removed from the home. The team that Michael uses completely cleaned out my garage. That was my biggest concern and they did a wonderful job. They worked with my schedule and were very professional. Michael also recommended and put us in touch with a moving company that will handle our belongings at a reasonalbe price. Even though Michael referred all the work to those more appropriate to handle our needs, he stayed in touch with us through the end to make sure everything was completed. Thank you Michael for your honest evaluation, recommendations and follow-through to help get us through this stressful time. I counldn't have done it without you!"
-Nancy M., Bovard, PA

“I have been going to Estate Sales for 23 years and I have never been to a more professionally run Estate Sale than this one. This was the only sale I have been to this year that had enough staffing to protect the owners assets. Your staff is very friendly and professional.”
-Dan C. Greensburg, PA

“Caring Transitions of Westmoreland County was a great asset in helping me with decision making process as I had to liquidate my mom's home in Pennsylvania. I live in Washington D.C. and I needed someone like Michael & Carol to make this process doable.”
-Carol O. Washington, D.C.

“During the free consultation, Michael was very polite and respectful of our situation. He provided a lot of very helpful information that will make our situation much easier to deal with. I would recommend Caring Transitions of Westmoreland County to anyone looking for a compassionate, personal service provider!”

-Sherry G. Apollo, PA

“Michael was very helpful in working with us to come up with a plan to liquidate an estate that we were the executor for. Thank you Caring Transitions of Westmoreland County, for the help you provided!”
-Steve S. Monroeville, PA

“Caring Transitions of Westmoreland County acted quickly to help us liquidate the contents of an apartment of one of our clients. Thank you Michael!”
-Colby B. Latrobe, PA

“The staff at Caring Transitions of Westmoreland County is some of the most helpful and polite folks in the business. Their estate sale was set up like a retail store. They create a pleasant environment and I really like spending money at their sales.”
 -Jane N Belle Vernon, PA